Friday, July 24, 2009

2 Lira Per Person

If anything can be said for this trip, its that everything and nothing is to be expected. Meaning simply that God is working, but not in the way we expected. I spend most of my time with a 78 year-old retired communist police man and two beautiful Bulgarian women talking about boys where my expectation was to be moving heavy rocks and scary things that give you tetnis.

There came a point a few days ago when I realized that spending time with people was what we raised $4000 to do. Investing in a life is far more valuable then moving one rock from this pile to that. But still, in my mind the rock moving has a bigger price tag. Maybe its my American heritage that tells me that the work is more important than the heart investment or maybe its Satan. Either way I feel a tension when I am away from the work having lunch with Petina (one of my favorite women I met here) or getting icecream with some of the girls in the youth group. I feel guilt because somewhere in the back of my mind I believe other people are telling me this work isn't valuable.

Meeting with another requires more than the grunts and wiping of sweat. It requires skill and love. It requires a genuine heart and most of all for God to show up. But when he shows up, there is nothing better or more satisfying.

And as I write, Teddy (the cutest Bulgarian boy alive, he's 6) came to ask me to play Uno. Praise the Lord for wise investments.

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