Thursday, July 9, 2009

Here in Sofia

Chase: Hey everyone, we are here and safe! It has been an ordeal, but fun nonetheless. We left on Wednesday at noon, and arrived in Sofia at about 1:15  Bulgaria time. It turns out that our 14 hours of flying turned into 24 hours of travel due to time zone differences. The funny thing is that it just feels like we have had a tough afternoon of travel, and the overnight part was just a blur. It really throws me off that it is actually Thursday afternoon, not Wednesday evening, oh well!
I have decided that jet lag is not very real. Sure I am tired, but once I go to sleep tonight, I should get accustomed to this time zone without any problems. I am rather happy about that. Our flights were long, but aside from Abby's troubles, we all handled it pretty well. Some have already gone and crashed upstairs, but that is discouraged as that will throw off our new schedule.
We have got connected with Marti and Didi, two super friendly Bulgarians who are connected to the Navigators. We are staying in some school dorms that he (Marti) teaches at. It is so cool to hear them talk about life and to each other in their native language. They are very neat people, already they have got us water, pizza, and watermelon, which by the way, was really good and fresh. yum. Luftansa was a really nice airline, and even though we only had a two and one half hour flight, we got fed a delightful amount. also yum.
We were warned about people trying to pull scams on us about money exchange and tours, and sure enough when we left the security at the airport, a man approached us and offered to show us around and how to have fun here and avoid, ironically enough, the people trying to trick us. It was good we were warned and were meeting people anyway.
Well, that's about it for today, as said abby, we are tired but happy, and mostly healthy. Prayer for our health and safety would be great.


  1. Hey guys, I think of you often. I know that you'll do great there, and that God will use this experience for your good. Enjoy Bulgaria.

  2. Already Sunday in Bulgaria and you will be traveling to Istanbul soon. We pray for your protection as you leave Sofia. We are sure you will be a blessing to the Turks that you meet. We also pray that your team is staying healthy and encouraged. ----Bruce & Gin

  3. Hey bro good job being a leader. I'm praying for you guys!

  4. i'm a big fan of Luftansa :)
    glad to hear you all made it safely & hope the adjustment's going well!