Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Connection One

We made it to the Denver Airport...some didn't think it would be possible. Please be praying for patience, safety, and sleep! A Nav Missionary will meet us in Sofia to show us the town, win.

Abby: The past few days have been unbelievable. We started with two initiatives: one of which we failed, but for a good reason (we spent too long on communication and planning) and the other we did well on as a group if you exclude when we let AmberLynn fall on her face. Overall though, after our initiatives I think we realized that as a team, we are in a good place. We are open and honest with each other and in general, we all get along. Having such a solid unit is going to make the next month much easier.
Yesterday, we had two main things on the agenda. In the morning we hiked up to the cross and wrote our fears about the trip on rocks. After praying, we hurled them from the top of the cliff and watched as they shattered below. Powerful stuff, man. Powerful stuff. Then Ed Cox from the Navigators came and orientated us on Bulgaria. It was sort of information overload, but it was GREAT to finally have a picture of the culture in mind. I know especially for me, hearing about the country has made the fact that we are sitting in an airport getting ready to start this journey that much more real and exhilirating.

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  1. Great team building update! And I'm glad yall got some Bulgaria orientation before arriving there.
    God, as this team is doing a heck of a long day of travel, I pray for Your Spirit to reign in each of them as fatigue sets in. <><