Monday, July 13, 2009

New Religion is My Song

Whitney: İstanbul has become my new favorite city. Even if I were blind I would still love this place. The smells, the choking humidity, hookah from every restaurant, the tea alone makes this trip worthwhile. But there is something here that makes us question who God is for a fleeting second. We are surrounded by İslam, something we rarely see in the states. İts amazing to see an entire nation sell their soals out to a lie that is so close to the truth...details off from the true gospel. But one thing ıs certain, they have more love for a lie than most Christians do for the truth. Some of our students have a hard time grasping how God can allow these people to go to hell when they are so reverent...İ think if we are honest, we can confess that we have thought the same thing now and again. But it soothes my heart to know that God is a god of love and he gives everyone the change. A religıon is just a religion without the gospel, but with the gospel its true love.

Pray for us as the Lord causes us to question and causes us to go looking for answers. İ love that he is challenging us here! Please pray for unity and that we could recognize real truth and help the people we meet to do the same. We love you all and miss you. The kids are shopping for gifts for all of you! Thank you for your continued prayer...we love you.

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  1. Finally I figured out how to post on this thing. Last Saturday i had a fabulous convo with a searching/questioning Atheist. He challenged me and I challenged him right back. It broke my heart to see him so lost but also challenged me to be praying for him and others who are searching. God loves his children and will work in their lives in his timing and his timing alone. Be prave and plant seeds.

    Love you dearly,