Wednesday, July 22, 2009

various & sundry.

There are lots of things going on the minds and hearts of each one of us here in the small town of Shumen. I do not intend to talk about these things very much (ironic), but rather, I'd like to try and give some glimpses into what our "normal" life is like here... So, in no particular order, here we go:

We consume lots of Nutella. and homemade granola. I look forward to this every morning.

We wear the same clothes about 2-3 days in a row. (even more if your name is Chase)

We take 5 minute showers, and the shower is right next to the sink. And when i say "right next to" i mean RIGHT ABOVE. As in, there's a shower head over the sink and you just stand in the bathroom and bathe. (ie- no shower curtain, no frosted glass closing doors - just you and the toilet and the sink and the shower head)

We live next to a man who looks like Mr. Clean and owns a little food shop with lime green doors. He is always friendly, give me high fives, and asks me to get him a visa so he can move to L.A.

We don't drink the tap water. I drink lots of 3-in-1 powder, which is one of the most brilliant inventions of all time. Coffee, sugar, and creamer all in one easy-to-open package that you dump in hot water.

I'm really glad i brought my slippers. I use them every day.

There is a cat in our house whose name is Sarai. She can jump up, grab a door handle, pull it down, and let herself out of rooms. I am getting a 6-pack from the sheer entertainment of this.

Our feet really smell. But i secretly like really disgusting smells, so it's cool :)

There are grapes growing everywhere in the backyard of our flat. They look delicious but will sadly not be ripe until we're gone.

I love having translators. I think i wanna hire one to be with me at all times even when i'm back home, just to be sure i'm hearing everyone correctly.

I love my team!


  1. Wow it really sounds cool what all is going on. You keep that sweet spirit cause I know You know He is at work...even in the small stuff..and do not let Satan have one moment of your Time or Thoughts!! I love you!

  2. Al, this is hilarious! thanks for sharing your perspective. I'm so happy that you've gotten this opportunity to be stretched and experience new things! i love you lots!

  3. i can totally start to picture it now! :) love it.