Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Message from the Front

AmberLynn: its day ten and I have now successfully managed to get on the computer twice! Perhaps God is just trying to break me of my obsessive face book habits or perhaps I’ve just found better ways to spend my limited amount of free time. In other news, we are about to leave Istanbul, this is truly sad, two days is no time to do justice to such a beautiful, rich city. The people are full of character and a genuine love of other people, foreigners or natives and that is truly rare and beautiful. I am truly sad to leave.

However, I cannot say that I am not excited to return to Shumen and to begin out work, after weeks of being apathetic about this whole ordeal I feel giddy at the prospect of serving! I want to be among the people and to serve them, and my heart is truly full of love for what we are here to do. Flexible pants are, of course, still a vital part of this mission, and I have no idea how God will use me to serve, but whatever He wishes, I am open.

In other news, I have yet to be owned on the narrow European stairs… although I’ve not escaped all embarrassing face plants thus far in the trip. Abby Chestnut, bless her, would like to comment on the status of foreign keyboards and how much she hates them and loves my American made computer. AmyJoy has put her hair up in the most adorable poof AND put on make up to match her outfit. Whitney has blow dried her hair and added a flower bobby pin the same color as her tank top. Allison has put her contacts back in and is faithfully strutting her aqua sunglasses. Howie still has not taken off his Tevas but did manage to buy two pairs of shoes at the bazaar yesterday. Brian has broken out his mad photography skills and matching outfits. Josh has raised his IQ twenty points in the accumulations of “things” he has purchased. And chase has saved the day with his speakers which are finitely less ghetto then Whitney’s. In short, as far away as we are from home, we really aren’t that different… the foreign country has not radically changed our personalities as of yet, but our hearts are another matter, He is working in us.

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  1. I'm encouraged to hear about your experiences over there. You have covered a lot of ground already. Blessings on your work in Shumen.